SHINIGAMI • Troy Brooks Solo Exhibition • 2017

VERNISSAGE - Saturday August 12th, 12-4pm


“After a series of deaths culminating with the passing of my mother in late 2016, the subject made itself unavoidable. I’ve used the Japanese myth of Shinigami to explore my own feelings about death and the folklore built up around it. The Shinigami have been reimagined here as the courtesans of a 1920’s opium den. They exist in the space between life and death, conducting the transmigration of the human soul.” 

Brooks has exploded on the contemporary art scene this past decade, exhibiting work around the globe. His paintings have been reviewed in some of the most widely read contemporary art magazines in the world. This latest exhibition brings him back home to reveal his most personal series to date.

Grand Illusion • Oil on canvas • 24" x 20" 

Nimbus • Oil on canvas • 14" x 11" 


401 Richmond St. West

Ground Floor, Suite 115

Toronto, ON