SHINIGAMI • Troy Brooks Solo Exhibition • August 2017

Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 12-6pm

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TROY BROOKS Shinigami will run August 8-19th, 2017 at Red Head Gallery Toronto. The Reception party will take place Saturday afternoon, August 12th from 12 to 4pm. 

Red Head Gallery • 401 Richmond St. WEST•  Ground floor, suite 115

Aureola • Oil on panel • 20" x 16"

After the passing of my mother in November 2016 I began painting a series of death-centric images inside the Japanese myth of Shinigami.  

Shinigami is a Japanese myth that began as a direct influence of the Grim Reaper from Western culture. In this series I’ve re-imagined them as courtesans of a 1920’s opium den who exist in the space between life and death, conducting the transmigration of the human soul.

These paintings are a requiem for my mother.

Short film by R.Kelly Clipperton.


401 Richmond St. West

Ground Floor, Suite 115

Toronto, ON